Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The kicks, the somersault, the hiccups

Alhamdulillah...  it has been 8 months since I'm having u my dear baby  :) 

And since the last 12 weeks it has been more meaningful as I can already 'feel' you. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I know u're there. Your kicks, your somersault,  your hiccups and sometimes your fingers tickling my tummy from inside... Even your daddy can feel it too.. I know I'm gonna miss all of these once u're out one day  :) 

It's a miracle to know that they can respond to us. To our touches, our voices, our movement. They will react to every one of that. They are so genius, and sweet  Subhanallah... =)

Thank you Allah for blessing me with this beautiful gift. The feeling is awesome, just awesome. Knowing that she's inside there, I never feel alone anymore. 

Can't wait to see you my baby girl! Keep growing healthily ok sayang! =)

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