Sunday, December 21, 2014

I am married to a 'Superman'! =)

Alhamdulillah =)

Knowing him day by day, I think I'm proud of my husband.. so proud.

He is a responsible man, considerate, lovely, and romantic, in his own way =)

He is a hardworking man too. He knows what he wants, and is working hard for it.
He is not ashamed of multiple trials and even lowered his ego seeking for knowledge from various classes of people in order for him to strive for his success.

And the sweetest part is that he included me in every part of his plan and achievements. hihi.

May Allah blesses him and make him succeed in anything he's working on.... and protect him from the evil of dunya and keep him always in the right tract, for he will be the man, the Imam who guide me and our family to the right path till the hereafter. 

Thank you Allah for granting me and blessing me for a man of such.... a good, kindhearted hardworking responsible and romantic man like him.....

I love you so much, my dear hubbehh <3 span="">

Alhamdulillah...... =')

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