Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Doktor, nanti bagi antibiotik ye.."

'You don't tell me what should I do, or what should I give. I will decide!'

Oh my...angkuhnye intro... haa.. bagi takut sikit. 

Takde la nak meroyan tetiba. Dan tak pernah pun aku mengungkapkan kata2 tu kat sesiapa selama ni. Kau dah gila..haha.. Up till now, Alhamdulillah I am still able to hold my sanity in dealing with tremendous number of nonsense request and judgement of the people (read: patient, patient's relatives). Not all, but some.

Just a thing to ponder, some tiny pieces of my opinion as a (beginner, tiny, little, poorly equipped) new doctor... 

I can deal with angry and sad patients, that is by slow talk. Reverse psychology. 
I can be patient with fussy patients, that is by providing what they want and to make less contact with them as possible.
I can stand explaining to a patient and his family about the disease and the treatment plan one by one as long as they wanna listen, in order to provide them some idea before giving the consent or refusing the treatment at their own risk.

But there is one of a kind that drive me crazy. The one that keep on ordering me what to do and what to give.

"Doctor, I think my son needs some neb," said the mother.
"Doctor, please give my son some antibiotics... because the fever hasn't go away even after 2 days on paracetamol," said another mother.

Yes, you may be right mummy. But there is no ronchi in your son's lungs.
Yes, you may be even better than me mummy, but there is not obvious sign of infection that needed to be combated with any antibacterial. No tonsils enlargement, his throat is not even red, no other obvious symptoms and signs of infection. So maybe it is a simple viral infection that need no antibiotic, but some symptomatic treatments....or tender, loving, care from a mother.. (hihi)

At least, let us DO what we have to do FIRST.

Dear people, listen... 

Let me make it clear. 
Yes you have the right to accept or to refuse whatever treatment or management we are offering. Bear that in your mind.

Thus, PLEASE. 
Let us make up our mind what your problem is all about. 
Let us finish examining your child or spouse or whoever it is you bring first. 
Let us deduct some working diagnosis, find the cause or what is it that make you love one being sick. 
And let us PLAN our management. 

Then only you decide whether to accept it or not. 
Not the other way round. 

Yes this may sound unfriendly and arrogant. But believe me that is not what I mean.

Because you people sound just like super psychos when you're ordering us to do this and that T____T

p/s: I've had enough psychos around me :p

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