Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Muar I Go....

Assalamualaikum! =) 

Alhamdulillah everything went well...just finished our induction course yesterday afternoon.. and now hv to start packing things and buying things yang takde lagi...kasot oh kasot...may main aim rite now =D

The course took place in Crystal Crown Hotel, KL. There were 90+ of us.. 60+ from International Medical University (IMU), 36 from USIM and the rest are from Penang medical College (PMC)  and multiple entries.

Final day - listening to the Penghulus's speech 


My Group - Group 5. U guys're awesomeee

2nd Generation of FPSK USIM =)) see you guyss!

As a record, I applied for Hospital Selayang, HUKM and Seremban in the application form. Yeah I know, all these three places have luxury of housemen in there.. But I just tried, the luck could be with me. Haha. Ended up I was offered HKL to be my training hospital for my housemanship, because of a shortage of houseman there, they said.. and perhaps looking at the list of the places I asked for (tu la nak sangat duk kl kann....haha). Yes, but not HKL please =D ...hehe. Plus, due to some other circumstances, so, I decided to appealed for another hospital away from KL...

In the letter I appealed for Hospital Melaka OR Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar (orang suruh tulis 1,  selamba je aku tulis 2 hospital hahaha =p). 

Why not Temerloh, they asked. I've been to HOSHAS (Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh) during my clinical years as it is one of our training hospital. I knew the hospital well, well enough to start over as a houseman. The experience is a bonus as I already knew few shortcuts to go to this ward and that ward (Hihi..) and I knew the head of departments (HOD) and where is this and where is that places over there. 

But now I want to have an entirely new atmosphere, new surrounding to start over my new chapter of my life.. and I believe Muar is the place chosen by Him, even though never ever once it does cross my mind. What a destiny! 

I dunno what it (Muar) has for me but all I know is I have to be ready to serve. And to be able to function at my best, I chose a place that I can LIVE. Not the chaotic KL that will make me stranded and exhausted way before I reach the hospital gate. Haha..

Together with my dear friends, Azah, AJ and Deen (yg ni tak payah nak dear2 lah), insyaAllah we'll be reporting to the hospital on Monday 1st Oct (nice date..easy for me to remember..haha)..

May Allah bless us and guide us in this path... And do pray for us, may us be the best, reliable muslim doctors insyaAllah... Ameen =) 

Imma miss this babygirl....sooo much! 

Wassalam =) 

# Lets go shopping!! -.-


Bintuhambali... said...

mmg sngt nice date.... haha...

anis said...

btw, are there anybody that get hospitals in selangor/KL except HKL???

Ndea Anuar said...

Put - indeed =) but we'll only receive our 1st salary on November (according to mongue) sad.... =((

anis - yes. kajang and klang =)

anis said...

then why don't you try to apply for klang or kajang??

Amy Ng said...

how's your experience as houseman there?

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