Monday, September 24, 2012

Just An Other Entry :)

This very last weekend... Lotsa things happened (and happening), but I did not record any of it into an entry in my blog.. What a waste... haha.. 

Neva mind... just keep looking forward okay! =) 

Anyway tomorrow is the day. The 4-packed day of the Induction course. The turning point (?) perhaps, of how am I gonna see the world differently after this. The working days ahead! 

Be prepared to work, to serve with a blissful heart, to make (inevitable and silly) mistake, to receive critics and lessons, to enjoy the job, to be judged by the people surround us, to learn as much, to be a financial manager of our own self, to be a tax payer, insurance subscriber, installment payer and what not. Haha.... 

Sbnrnye aku tengah serabut ok haha... nebes plus takut plus cuak. 

Ahahaha mengada2 pulak aku ni. Ok lah bye. Nak pegi packing bebarang tak kemas ape pun lagi hihihihi

Jumpa lagi di lain masa kalau aku ade mase... =D

Wassalam! =)


Ijan Ayu said...

yey nadia dah keje!.. boleh blanja akk2..hehe..keje rerajin ek..

Ndea Anuar said...

Yayy..insyaAllah buleh je prob.. ok doakan kite eh... rindunye kat akak2... huu =)))

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