Saturday, March 17, 2012

Journey to the south

Alhamdulillah... Allah always has better plans for us! Because only He knows best!

This afternoon I went out to fetch my youger brother, Aff (Asyraf) in Bangi. As he just finished his final exam paper yesterday and has to move his things out of the hostel today. Glad that Rafiq (my youngest bro) was there accompanying me all the way to Bangi, and being a good co-pilot too! =D 

Initially we were heading to KL to take the north-south howay from there, but we ended up taking DUKE to get into the north-south highway, without knowing that it's gonna be a longer way as compared to our initial plan. At the moment we found out that we were heading to KLIA, God, this is gonna take forever before we can reach Bangi. Oh man! It was a looonger journey than the usual way we get into the N-S hiway from tol Sg.Besi.... =_='' terlajak perahu dah tak boleh undur...

So as we were cursing ourselves throughout the journey for not using the usual way, we passed Subang Jaya exit, then continued heading to the south, passed KLIA and Sepang exit and finally we were left with two ways to choose, either towatd Nilai/Seremban or Bangi/ Kajang/KL. Then we took the left road, which was the Bangi/Kajang route. 

As we finished the lap from the exit, there you are!! The answer from God of why was all this happening... Why we were made to chose the loooong journey we took, not the one that we were regretting not to take... It was a very very very bad traffic jam on the opposite route of the hiway, the one that heading to Nilai (south)! It was a heavy traffic I can see none of the car on that road barely moving. All three lanes were cramped up with all types of vehicles, we cant imagine if we were among those the unfortunates, stranded for hours on the road and just arrive to our destination when we have no more energy to get back home =_=''''

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah... at that moment we both praised Him The Almighty for His super unbelievable unthinkable planned for us! It was a great lesson for me personally, as my Ayah always said, rileks je, jangan stress2. Allah ade perancangan yg terbaik untuk kite, asalkan kite usaha+doa+tawakal untuk dapatkan yg terbaik.. =) 


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