Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't be selfish

Too often among us all, in this temporary living place called world, we regard our lives as a race. A race for prosperity, success, wealth, intelligence, etc etc. Everybody is struggling to be the number one, or on the top. Or at least having something other people don't get the chance to get. 

Dedicating this writing to my very self, I am very much afraid that I may one day or at some moment of my life fall into this trap again (yes, I did in the past). Again another reminder to me myself, I write this down here so that I it will be played more often in my head than those who (happened) to read it. 

It is never wrong to be the hard-working person, the go getter, the achiever, the all-knowing one. But it is pain-in-the-ass being a person who is lacking of the awareness that we would never be able to have, to achieve or to get  anything in this world without His willing. 

We can strive our very best to grasp the sky. Or to work every drop of our blood and sweat to gain all the wealth we are longed for, but without He's permission, none of them will be ours, not even in our dreams. 

Moreover all of that are belong to Him. Wealth, health, knowledge, intelligence, success, loves, happiness,  and the rest of the list, are just creatures like us, created by Him, Allah The Almighty. Wouldn't it be a shame wanting and looking after for something without asking from the owner properly? 

Hence be good to the Owner. Rebuild, or repair our relationship with Him for he may ease our path in our lives. 

Second thing, yes we take care of the relationship with Him, but unconsciously, in order to achieve for our aim, we keep on hurting people around us - our family, teachers, friends, patients, doctors, nurses, makcik cleaner, makcik jaga, pak guard - we deny their feelings when we override their right to be respected or appreciated. 

As an example, as medical students, we go to the ward and see the patients. We talk to them and try to get a chance to practice numerous physical examinations on them. But every time we put our hands on them, have we ever try to get into their shoes? What does it feels lying helplessly in the bed, getting one by one of these students palpating your abdomens, your chest, hands, face, legs and what not. Yes we ask for permission, we build the rapport and we look at their face to know whether they are in pain. But there are things we often missed. How are we behaving when we were standing in front of them? When one of our friend is performing the examination, we are busy chit-chatting with the rest of the group members or we are busy replying sms. How would you feel when you're treated like that, if you are the one lying on the bed? 

Another example when we're busy striving for our aims or working every day and night and we make that as an excuse not to contact our parents and that has make them upset. Will He be happy to fulfil our wishes?

Don't be selfish, dalam hidup ni, tak semestinya kita akan dapat ape yang kite kejarkan sangat tu. Kalau Allah tak redha, apa2 pun kita takkan dapat. Kalau kita asyik sakitkan hati orang lain dan pentingkan diri sendiri, macam mana Allah nak redha?...  =)

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