Friday, October 7, 2011

Just Smile =)

Of thousands of reasons I can be happy, why do I need to bother those one to two reasons that'd saddened me?....

I am born Muslim,
I have a simple, yet great life
best family
good friends
nice place to stay
healthy body that can go to the classes and clinics
sound mind that able to learn and think
clear eyes, nose, ear and throat
enough money
enough foods
a well functioning laptop
with internet
nice handphone
.....................bla bla....
and there goes the rest of the list....
things that we can see and those that we can't..

What else to complain about?

Be grateful of what we have today for we will never know what will happen to us tomorrow.

He's giving us what we need  more than what we know

Just smile, and everything will be fine =)


ps: walaupun aku tahu muke aku sangat la blur dan runsing dan keliru dan berkerut sepanjang minggu nih. fiu~~

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