Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Good Man vs A Not So Good Man

One day, after a long chatting in YM, a good friend of mine ended the conversation by telling me; a good, soleh man will approach a woman in a good, respectful manner. 

A straight forward, simple sentence with a really deep thought. 

It made me into thinking of the meanings behind it. She is totally right!

Women are like flowers. They are weak in and out. I know some are so strong inside, but believe me, every woman is emotionally dependence, some times here and there, doesn't  matter how hard you are denying this. 

That is why women's heart are filled with the feeling of needful of love, attention and care from someone. Particularly some caring, lovely person from the opposite gender will do. That is normal. That kind of feeling is totally normal I would say. But that is exactly where Syaitan play their role in instilling some flavours within that kind of thinking. Syaitan made us to think that it is so normal to have someone from the opposite gender to take care of us and to love us even without any legal, halal relationship, which is totally flawed.  

Even though sometimes we may think that kind of relationship is ok, won't be harmful to us, and we really2  neeeeeddd their support so badly, but, this is where my friend's advice makes a perfect sense to me, and to all my friends out there. 

A good, soleh man will approach a woman in a good, respectful manner.

Not that he will come into contact with the woman as what he likes, going out together whenever he likes, where ever he wants, saying unnecessary things in any way he wishes to, let alone holding the woman hands or skin or any parts of the body as if he has the total rights onto the woman body. 

Open your eyes wide girls, so you can see what kind of man is with you now. 

And why was she advising me that? hehe. biarlah rahsia.

Thanks Allah for blessing me with a good friend like her. May Allah bless you my dear =)


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