Friday, May 27, 2011

The story of The Ghost Car ended up with Jelena's song, Who Says


Few days ago I was in a deep sorrow. I was sad, out of mood, numbed, hopeless and felt like I don't want to do nothing. It wasn't really bad as the stress I dealt with when I lost my lovely handphone (in March 2011), or had to pay almost RM200 for my father's car that was hit by a stupid, bad, bigfat-assed lorry in Simpang Pulai (February, 2011), but stress enough to popped out several new pimples to show how stress I was!!! arhhhhhh.....

Alhamdulillah at the moment, they are disappearing, as I am no longer in stressful condition rite now, plus the two good news I received since yesterday and today have brighten my daysssss (hehehe =)) but off course the scars urgghh they are so bad I want to rub'em as hard as I could to dismiss them so badly anyhow. If only that would work. Duhh..

Ok enough talking about the enemy of the universe.

Oh, hey wait. I think the jerawat, parut sorts of things, that we hate so much, it is actually to show the kebijaksanaan Allah the Almighty, to grant us a lesson about beauty. We often measure it solely by the physical look. Am I right? At the same time, we unconsciously are kufur nikmat (naudzubillah), moaning about every single thing we are lacking at. "Ala, aku pendek la..nak tinggi lagi 2 inci boleh..?" <-- ade budak tu suke merungut camni. isk3. sape jumpe die tolong sepak2 diee sket wahaha. When we have some tiny imperfections on our body, we tend to ignore and not to be thankful of the other gifts we have. MasyaAllah....

But how on earth could we be a complete ignorance to the perfectness of a great creature like our own self?

And who do we think we are to critic the creation of our God The Almighty?? Astagfirullah al 'azhim....

Eh okay. And why is that I ended up writing about all this? Uhhh initially I was thinking of sharing my experience driving a ghost car this evening to fetched my sistah Umy from work, Hahaha. Yeah Ghost Car indeed I called it, I was so scared starting from unlocking the screwed-up door I prayed all the way along the journey to not messing with it or any other car on the road, and even called my Ayah to reconfirm if I really had to do that, as the car was so....urhh scary Ahaha. And this is why I think I have ADD! Ahahahahaha =D

In next entry jelah insyaAllah... hehehe :p

Ok Wasalam! =)))

"Who sayy...who saayyy you're not preettttaayyy....." -Jelena Biemez- Muahahahaha.

Ha cantik kan? Sape kate Jelena tak cantik, pegi gosok mata dengan clorox. Ahaha. [Amik gamba ni kat sini]


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