Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Love Tanks

Sorry Mr. Gray. I just can't resist myself from sharing this with them =)

Imma share with you "The Ten Love Tanks", which I extracted some long time ago from this pocket book entitled The Little Book of Getting What You Want and Wanting What You Have by John Gray.

berkurun dah beli buku ni. hehe. 

as children indeed.....

- The First Love Tank -

love and support from God..... 

- The Second Love Tank -

change the soil....

- The Third Love Tank -

don't be too serious.. =) be continued... =)

Hati wanita itu ibarat permata. Sangat rapuh dan sangat rumit penjagaannya. Namun, andai dijaga dengan baik, nilaiannya tidak terhingga.


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