Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World is going crazy

World is going crazy, and people living in it are going crazy too.

We are gifted inner thought, for us to produce anything that we can think of, or anything that we want to think of, before we spill it out of our mouth.

People are going crazy cuz nowadays, they don't even have time to think and process the thoughts. With the craziness of the social networks and 24 hours virtual availability to the entire universe, world is just a tap away. They spilled out their thoughts unconsciously, spontaneouly right after the thoughts have been produced.

For these years of being one of Facebook user, everyday I can see how people easily disclose their inner thought to the outer world. Some kind of thoughts that are supposed to be said inside their mind are being spilled out to be heard / read by everybody around the world.

The generic Facebook face. Potraits by Jason Lee [source]

Just type what you want, and hit the Share button, there u go. The whole world can now read your mind and feel what you've been feeling.

Good for them and for us if the things they are saying are beneficial and full of wisdom, beautified with hikmah and honesty of love of sharing.

But just think, how stupid we are, if the choices of words are just flawed. Flawed enough to disclose our idiocy from our deepest area of thinking. Even sometimes it revealed the true colour of ourselves, how clueless we are in using the cortices in both hemisphere of the most high rated organ located in our very skull in the process of thinking.

Think before u say it. Take some time to think,... that's why they say thinking is a Process. And our mind is like a treasure filled with secrets, and we are the keyholder. Dont let people steal it easily from us.

Keep the key nicely. [Source]

Too much disclosure is not good.

Aku jua masih belajar,
Ndeanuar =)


Faiz Ezanee said...

Not all things need to be shared. :)
Nice one....

Ain bintu Amir said...

It's true bebeh!
aku rase time awal2 fb dulu aku suke gak merepek post status. skgni cam pikiaq dulu sbb ramai sedara & jiran pon ade dalam tu. malu lak rase nk post merepek2. haha
[time ni la blog jadi tempat meluah perasaan. hahaha]

alchemy said...

are u crazy? haha

Ndea said...

faiz - haha ye betul tu. kadang2 ape yg kite rasa tu luahan rasa hati, yg xsesuai didengarkan kpd umum. kan. kadg2 ianya bagus utk dikongsi, tp ade kalanye luahan2 tu x sesuai dikongsi.

wallahu a'lam =)

Ndea said...

ain - haha skrg dah matang kan so lebih pantas berfikir dr terus ber'zikir'. hehehe.

tp kalau kt blog aku xkesah sgt org nak cakap ape, sbb ruang masing2 kan. still, pandai2 la kite berbahasa sbb ape kite ckp tu mnggambarkan pribadi kite kan... =)

Ndea said...

alchemy - sometimes...hehehe ;D

Ain bintu Amir said...

sgt2 setuju, ape yg kite ckp tu mgambarkan diri kite. so pikiaq byk kali b4 bersuara...agagagag

Ndea said...

yeah dat's rite my deaarrr haha walaupun kite pun kadang2 terlupa jgk kan :)

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