Monday, October 25, 2010

I was killed

It's just a dream, but it feels so real! warrrhhh......
Empty ur mind, and feed ur imagination as beautiful as u want........

It was a beautiful night for me, having dinner with people I love. We occupied two round tables. There were my love one which is I-dunno-who-the-hell-is-he, but he somehow looks like Rashidi Ishak hahahaha, his brother (I supposed) and his sister in law, and two to three more people that I failed to identitified. But I could feel that we're so close and love each other. Like the Cullen's family. hahaha.

Unfortunately, one of the member of the nite was a pain-in-the-ass guy who is suffering from a broken heart disease, for he failed to win my heart. huahuahua! This made me feel sooo like drama. I dunno why is he invited that nite, to our dinner. Perhaps he was also one of their family member. People were so excited that I can smell something great's gonna happen that nite.

Foods were served. I thought we should get ready to eat, instead, his brother spoke something. He please the-love-one to do begin it (I have no idea). He brougt out a red little ring case (lovely!). But,..

At this moment I walked to a nearby mini fountain (xtaw la utk ape..well, ini kan mimpi so layan je la ). The fountain was so beautiful and it was very fascinating to see water falling into it. And for a few seconds I was lost into thinking how lovely it was made.

beautiful fountain it is!

All of sudden, I'm lost.......this time it's for real. Everything became so dark and I couldn't remember anything (except that I thought I was sleeping! lollss).

Sedar2 je rase basah kuyup, sangat sesak dada dan pernafasan, and everybody's crowding me, and they looked so angry and anxious and everything was not as beautiful as the beginning anymore.

Later I understood the situation. The pain-in-the-ass guy was trying to kill me! It happened so fast, within seconds after I lost from people's eyes. I've just woke up after being CPR-ed (agaknye la). OMG So grateful that I'm still alive! I cried as much as i want. (Strong girls do cry! ;p). The sister-in-law tried to calm me.

"Where is he??" the bother asked, in a madness.

And the scene ended. Kan aku kate macam drama. LOL.

Next scene, we went to the crime scene again, as to look for how did the pain-in-the-ass guy did it. We found something belonged to him near the fountain. Busted.

Next, next scene, a friend of mine and I went to a mini reunion party. Oh lps kejadian menyayat hati pun boleh pegi reunion? kahkah layannn. Oh yes, it was Eija, the only people that I know in this dream. And it was at The Look Out Point! Wah kitorg sangat nak pegi sini lagi, sampai termimpi2. Bad thing went worse, I saw the pain-in-the-ass guy over there. Oh he was our school mate! WTH is he doing here! And I was so scared seeing that bloody face, I stepped backward hiding behind Eija whenever I saw him. And there were several kolam ikan up there......that wrenced my heart every time I looked at'em. ******Trauma******

---The enddeh!---

I dont wanna make any perception on what I had in the dream. Or at least let it be me, to undress the meaning behind it based on what I face in my life. But everything feels so real man!! In this kind of dream, I think the people in it were not so important. What really matter is what's happening in it. The feeling. I can feel the trauma, the fear everytime I see water, and the pain-in-the-ass' face after the incident (in the dream).

Sometimes during my school years, when I miss my family, I had a dream with an awkward background, but consisting people that I've been thinking of. I still remember one dream - I was washing my clothes in the hostel's cleaning bathroom, and suddenly my younger sister appear at the door of the room saying "Angah, jom, ayah nak gi jejalan ni," ahaha tetibe adik2 aku muncul kat bangunan serama.

Now I understand, that dream consists of two elements - the people or the background - which one is that matter depends on what we're dealing with in our current life situation. Mungkin mimpi ni sebab kes orang aniaya aku baru2 ni kot. lalalala~

ps: semua watak2 dalam mimpi itu adalah tidak dikenali except Eija. huhu.
ps2: tapi aku adalah watak utama huahuahua ;p
ps3: kesian aku. trauma sangat. sampai terbawa2 dalam mimpi T__T


ekay said...

weh...kalu ko gi jmpe psychiatrist leh kot dorng interprate mimpi nih...
btw..aku slalu wonder..wlaupun slalu mimpi lemas ke..nk kne bunuh ke..jatuh bangunan the end..xmati2 jugak....?

Ndea said...

psychiatrist bleh tafsir mimpi?? cool!! hahha

msti ko tgk semenjak dua menjak ni post2 aq berbaur pesakit psy kan ekay kan hahahaha

mmg la x mati sebab dlm mimpi syg

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