Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ortho the pain-in-the-ass posting

here I am in this very room. alllllll alone...

oh ortho's just too much....hundreds of bones and muscles and joints and nerves and all the tiny little branches that you can never ever see by your naked eyes...and the defects they bring with any injury......a conundrum of human mechanics....the more things i stare in the book, the more chaos im about to have in my brain.

but i think it is unfair for me to kinda disliking this posting, since i know where's the problem is. that is bcuz im losing parts of my basic in anatomy! huhu. waahhh dah lupa semua anat anat dlm otak ni..... *dementia??*

yeah, im coping with it. i will. but


memory is like a sword in a battle of education...the sharper the sword, the easier you bring down the enemy...which i mean, there'll be more chances for you to win the battle... you have all the basic knowledge at your finger tips, and you'll sail through it smoother than ever ~ ~ fiu...fiu...~ ~

but memory somehow would make you crazy...yes it does. it makes you reminisce the pain you ever had before, the one that you've lost,...and it also remind you on the things that.... uh.. just forget it. the more you remember, the more embittered you'll be.

it kills you as much as it helps you with what ever live you are living in. trust me.

Hm. I always wanted to say this:

              "Saya dah habes blajarrrr....!!!!" 
                    (which is the most impossible thing once u enter this world called medicine) 

Te amor.......



Ain bintu Amir said...

gile mendalam post ko kali ni. tak phm aaa.. haha

Ndea said...

hahahahaha ain aq pun tak pahammmm hahahahahha abehla aq tak betol dah hahah

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