Sunday, August 8, 2010

lazy bum's in the hooouse!!

Im homeee....and i wanna be here until.. raya perhaps? ahahaha malas malas pemalas betul aq ni ahahaha

I love my comfort zone very much ahah...eventhou there's nothing called luxury in aircond, no flat screen, no astro, but it's so comforting, and i feel very safe being here. sheltered. pampered.

nope. there's no way i can live in a safe world. no matter what, i have to go out there, live the life, face the trouble, go to the hospital, meet the people (doctors, friends, patients, makcik kedai), chatting with the sick people, listen to people talking and torturing us with their witless brain (while maki2 dia balek dlm hati), falling in love with someone, giving and taking, and have a fight with our love ones, forgive and forget, watching movies with friends, studying and surfing the net, watching jb dancing and playing drums in youtube, critics the movies and dramas we've watched, condemn the lousy restaurant for their dishonest meals (ahaha what the hell?) ........whoah and the rest of the list of a typical uni student life in this very country.

ayuh makan nasik ayam kat dapur. best kan, xpayah susah2 pegi beli dah ade... aahahahahhahahahaha *sepak2 diri sendiri sebab malas gile*

♥ my home ♥ my bed ♥  my red dolphin =))
♥ mak ♥ ayah.
kesian ayah, asyik kne dera ngan aq hehe.


Ain bintu Amir said...

teettt!! my red dolphin tu pe? hahaha :P

Ndea said...

bantal dolphin merah aq yg besar giler dan sedap dipeluk..!! ahahah

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