Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lagi cerita dalam labour room - UM

UM stands for 'unmarried mother', who has given birth to a baby, a product of her premarital pregnancy. 

It was a usual day as any other day. Only that was the day where I was assigned to be in the labour room according to our group rotations. Mothers came in and out of the labour room. Some got admitted and some were discharged home for there were no alarming sign of labour.

And I...was waiting for a patient, to be clerked or a delivery to be assisted. Just assisting. I'm nobody to really conduct a delivery. huhu

Suddenly there were chaos at the patients admission center (PAC), near the the main door of the labour room. The staff there were conflicting over something that was not so obvious. They shouted and babbling, with frowning faces that inhibited me from asking anything. I'd rather be a silent observer than being shouted to...huhu... scary.

I entered the room. A young lady with a term pregnancy lying painfully on the bed, and she looked so restless. Off course, because she is in labour. (This the pain one will feels when she's about to deliver - the contraction of the uterus, the back ache, the fetus/baby that continuously pushing to get a way out of the tunnel....huu...saket giler...) The doctor continued clerking, trying to get as much information as she can before letting the girl, I should say, to get into labor. The clerking became very troublesome because she defaulted too many antenatal check up. 

"Pindahkan dia ke labour room (LR) 10," the nurse ordered. And continued babbling over something that irritated her so much.

I tried to help her to get off the bed. "Er, jalan je ke kak,?" I asked the staff for seeing no wheelchair was provided for her.

"Saya tak larat nak jalan," the girl begged, looking into my eyes.

"Jalan je..laratnye tu...baru 6 cm," she said, very wrathful. Erk.. (6cm wide of the cervical opening)

OMG 6 cm...and she just wanted this girl to walk nearly 10 meters away to the other labour room... But she was not that mean, after a few seconds, she came back with a wheelchair. Fuh lega aq. takot terberanak je die ni tgh2 berjalan nanti.

Another staff made her to the LR 10 with the wheelchair. I followed from the back, with her slippers, trousers and a bag she came in with. "Dah sampai, turun," the staff asked her to walk from the wheelchair to the bed.

"Kalau ade laki kan senang, xde la saket sorang2!" Ouchh...! This was the sentence that I will never ever forget. Like a sharp blade, it'd bleed anyone's heart who's listening to it, even I have got nothing to do with it. Let alone to the person herself. That akak is rock!! :p

Slowly she got up, with some help of the people inside the room. A lil bit like a drama scene, things went so stressful in there. They asked the girl her name, her parents name, their phone number and home adress, interspersed with some 'kata2 perlian', and a warning so that she was not lying about her details. The girl begged the staff not to tell her parents about it.

They also asked the girl for who's gonna be taking care of her after the delivery,  and she said her boyfriend had already arrange it. (OMG! they have planned it already. what a responsible asshole!). They even dig a lil deeper. The girl has no choice but to answer all the questions they asked. huhu kesian. dah la tgh saket nak bersalen, kena soal selidik pulak. Yela, punye la staff 2 kat situ ambik berat....One important thing that the girl cannot give an answer was, who are going to take care of the baby, since the girl was still a 2nd year diploma student in a nearby college... They said she can't keep the baby since was a minor (budak bawah umur).

The scene went no longer than 15 minutes, until the staff nurse incharged re-assessed the cervical opening.

"8 cm!" she alarmed. It seemed like she can predict that the delivery will occur very soon, unlike the other delivery of a primigravid (primi=first, gravid=pregnancy) mother. She asked us to get prepared. My colleague Ahnaf wore the apron and a pair of sterile gloves and stood beside the staff nurse (aq bg Anap conduct since die baru bg patient die kat aq..huhu).

Few minutes later she asked the girl to start pushing. "Os fully at 14:35," she reported, and another staff were recording.

"Teran dik, dah dekat dah ni, dah rase pun kepala die" I can barely see the baby's hair. "Ok sikit lagi, ok skrg teran kuat2" the staff nurse did all the orders, in order to help her coordinating between voluntarily pushing and the involuntary uterine contraction. It is something every mother should learn! Awesome. The baby can even die if the mother doesn't know how to push correctly. Owh I'm digressing. Back to the scene. Things went very smoothly and I was nothing more than an observer. haha.Oh I did sometime gave her support ok.


"Baby's out, 14:42 hr" Oh my.....that was very rapid. Just in a blink of an eye.......................... after 7 minutes of pushing and the baby's already kissing the mother's assess. huu...

Gambar hiasan. Eh budak ni ade talipes....hehe... mummy, i pinjam ye gambo anak u.... :)

Jadi betulla apa yang Ustaz Hasrizal cerita dalam entry dia tentang kelahiran anaknya yg ke3. Kata nurse tersebut: “kalau ikut pengalaman saya di hospital, orang yang baik-baik memang sakit bersalin, tetapi senang melepaskan nyawa bila nak mati. Tetapi perempuan zina, memang cukup mudah semasa bersalin, tetapi ketika nazak, naudhubillah.. Allah sahajalah yang tahu siksanya nyawa nak lepas!” lebih kurang cetula ayatnye... dipetik dari artikel Tiga Hospital Tiga Suasana.

Now I saw partly of what the nurse said, with my eyes.....part yg senang bersalin tu. Yg susah pun dah tgk. Memang sakkeettt. Perasaan bercampur baur tatkala pertama kali menyaksikannnya. Bukan nak menjatuhkan mauah sesape, sekadar berkongsi pengalaman. Dan pengalaman nurse yg Ustaz Hasrizal cerita tu juga. Ianya iktibar untuk kita.

Naudzubillahi mindzalik.....

nota kaki: nurse yg marah2 tu bukan sebab die bengkeng. tak, diorg baik je sanye, cool je... tp mase tu diorg sgt upset sebab terpakse mengadap kelahiran anak luar nikah.....mmg diorg xsuke..... hu... tp x la semua, ade jugak yg berlembut dgn budak tu. Hm agaknye diorg xnak budak2 ni sesuke ati je nnti dtg branak anak tidak sah taraf kat situ untuk kali kedua dan ketiga dan seterusnye,,,kot.

Wallahua'lam :)


Aderi Aryasu said...

oooh... baru la aku tau, sbb pe derang snang beranak... lame dh pelik, snang2 je branak pas buang...
(senang mane pun, sakit jgk tuh... uish3)

Ndea said...

kan kan... dl pelik jugak, org kate beranak tu saket, lame nak tunggu baby tu keluar. tp diorg ni rilek je siap leh branak dlm toilet lg. pastu ade plak yg lepas branak seap bleh gi gali lubang tanam baby tu...xpun gi dump kat mne2 tempat sampah ke gantung kat pagar masjid ke....mne la diorg dpt kuderat tu. pdhal klu org normal lepas bersalin mane larat nak bangun weh... jalan pun pelan2 je..

luv_hunter said...

hmmm~ xtao nk komen camne..hehe..kirenyer budak2 UM yg branak kat spital uh better kot dr yg branak kat lua, pastu buang...yg tuh lg ngok ngek~ da buat dosa zina, pastu buat dosa buang baby plak..berganda2 dosanye..

kat spital, at least doct slalu refer kat social dulu b4 discharge.. ade harapan la nk brubah!! hopefully~~

n satu lg, bekeng keyh...bukan bengkeng...hehe =P

she-G said...

tetiba rasa nak komen..walopon abru first time baca blog ni..boleh kan???

yup...ALLAH dah beri kelebihan untuk diorang supaya nnti diorang tak dengki atau rasa pe2 pada anak tu nnti(alasan mak saya la) tp still diorang leh buang2 lepas tu buat lagi...kdg piki elok kalo sakit teruk2..bia diorang reti...

err..saya bersalin agak mudah..masuk spital pukul 6 pagi...pkul 7.50 dah nak teran tu lama gile la..sampai nak kena vakum ke ape tah..tak reti lak bahasa doctor ni

Ndea said...


yah2..u're rite...baek sket la drp yg branak kat luar pastu buang.. tp xtaw la ape citer anak die tu kan..jgn dibuang jugak sudahla...huhu

Ndea said...

ye2..boleh2 hehe..

dan Allah jdkan saket nak bersalin tu supaya kite hargai anak yg lahir tu...n supaya anak tu dpt kenang pengorbanan ibu tu melahirkannye...kan... =)
[tp sy ni salu jgk mls & xdgr ckp mak T_T]

oh yeke.. patient yg dlm cerita ni, kejap je...bbrpe kali push je dah kluar dah baby. hu..

Anonymous said...

bukan niat nak menjatuhkan nurse gomen hospital tapi dah 2 anak bersalin di gomen, 22 nasib tak elok, layanan nurse pada ibu2 yang lepas or belum bersalin sangat teruk, dimaki dileter, sedangkan ibu tengah sakit nak brsalin hanya Allah yang tahu dan orang yang mengandung faham, sepatut perempuan sama perempuan lagi faham,sangat sedih.kalau diorang letak situasi diorang dalam keadaan pesakit tak ada la layanan dan bahasa diorang macam tu kot.

Ndea Anuar said...

Ye... betul tu... sebaik nya layan la elok2 ibu2 yg tengah sakit nak bersalin dan selepas bersalin. Alhamdulillah tempat yg saya pegi layanannye bagus. Memang rasa tenang je bila suasana mcm tu. Btw tq for dropping by :)

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