Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lagi cerita dalam labour room - UM

UM stands for 'unmarried mother', who has given birth to a baby, a product of her premarital pregnancy. 

It was a usual day as any other day. Only that was the day where I was assigned to be in the labour room according to our group rotations. Mothers came in and out of the labour room. Some got admitted and some were discharged home for there were no alarming sign of labour.

And I...was waiting for a patient, to be clerked or a delivery to be assisted. Just assisting. I'm nobody to really conduct a delivery. huhu

Suddenly there were chaos at the patients admission center (PAC), near the the main door of the labour room. The staff there were conflicting over something that was not so obvious. They shouted and babbling, with frowning faces that inhibited me from asking anything. I'd rather be a silent observer than being shouted to...huhu... scary.

I entered the room. A young lady with a term pregnancy lying painfully on the bed, and she looked so restless. Off course, because she is in labour. (This the pain one will feels when she's about to deliver - the contraction of the uterus, the back ache, the fetus/baby that continuously pushing to get a way out of the tunnel....huu...saket giler...) The doctor continued clerking, trying to get as much information as she can before letting the girl, I should say, to get into labor. The clerking became very troublesome because she defaulted too many antenatal check up. 

"Pindahkan dia ke labour room (LR) 10," the nurse ordered. And continued babbling over something that irritated her so much.

I tried to help her to get off the bed. "Er, jalan je ke kak,?" I asked the staff for seeing no wheelchair was provided for her.

"Saya tak larat nak jalan," the girl begged, looking into my eyes.

"Jalan je..laratnye tu...baru 6 cm," she said, very wrathful. Erk.. (6cm wide of the cervical opening)

OMG 6 cm...and she just wanted this girl to walk nearly 10 meters away to the other labour room... But she was not that mean, after a few seconds, she came back with a wheelchair. Fuh lega aq. takot terberanak je die ni tgh2 berjalan nanti.

Another staff made her to the LR 10 with the wheelchair. I followed from the back, with her slippers, trousers and a bag she came in with. "Dah sampai, turun," the staff asked her to walk from the wheelchair to the bed.

"Kalau ade laki kan senang, xde la saket sorang2!" Ouchh...! This was the sentence that I will never ever forget. Like a sharp blade, it'd bleed anyone's heart who's listening to it, even I have got nothing to do with it. Let alone to the person herself. That akak is rock!! :p

Slowly she got up, with some help of the people inside the room. A lil bit like a drama scene, things went so stressful in there. They asked the girl her name, her parents name, their phone number and home adress, interspersed with some 'kata2 perlian', and a warning so that she was not lying about her details. The girl begged the staff not to tell her parents about it.

They also asked the girl for who's gonna be taking care of her after the delivery,  and she said her boyfriend had already arrange it. (OMG! they have planned it already. what a responsible asshole!). They even dig a lil deeper. The girl has no choice but to answer all the questions they asked. huhu kesian. dah la tgh saket nak bersalen, kena soal selidik pulak. Yela, punye la staff 2 kat situ ambik berat....One important thing that the girl cannot give an answer was, who are going to take care of the baby, since the girl was still a 2nd year diploma student in a nearby college... They said she can't keep the baby since was a minor (budak bawah umur).

The scene went no longer than 15 minutes, until the staff nurse incharged re-assessed the cervical opening.

"8 cm!" she alarmed. It seemed like she can predict that the delivery will occur very soon, unlike the other delivery of a primigravid (primi=first, gravid=pregnancy) mother. She asked us to get prepared. My colleague Ahnaf wore the apron and a pair of sterile gloves and stood beside the staff nurse (aq bg Anap conduct since die baru bg patient die kat aq..huhu).

Few minutes later she asked the girl to start pushing. "Os fully at 14:35," she reported, and another staff were recording.

"Teran dik, dah dekat dah ni, dah rase pun kepala die" I can barely see the baby's hair. "Ok sikit lagi, ok skrg teran kuat2" the staff nurse did all the orders, in order to help her coordinating between voluntarily pushing and the involuntary uterine contraction. It is something every mother should learn! Awesome. The baby can even die if the mother doesn't know how to push correctly. Owh I'm digressing. Back to the scene. Things went very smoothly and I was nothing more than an observer. haha.Oh I did sometime gave her support ok.


"Baby's out, 14:42 hr" Oh my.....that was very rapid. Just in a blink of an eye.......................... after 7 minutes of pushing and the baby's already kissing the mother's assess. huu...

Gambar hiasan. Eh budak ni ade talipes....hehe... mummy, i pinjam ye gambo anak u.... :)

Jadi betulla apa yang Ustaz Hasrizal cerita dalam entry dia tentang kelahiran anaknya yg ke3. Kata nurse tersebut: “kalau ikut pengalaman saya di hospital, orang yang baik-baik memang sakit bersalin, tetapi senang melepaskan nyawa bila nak mati. Tetapi perempuan zina, memang cukup mudah semasa bersalin, tetapi ketika nazak, naudhubillah.. Allah sahajalah yang tahu siksanya nyawa nak lepas!” lebih kurang cetula ayatnye... dipetik dari artikel Tiga Hospital Tiga Suasana.

Now I saw partly of what the nurse said, with my eyes.....part yg senang bersalin tu. Yg susah pun dah tgk. Memang sakkeettt. Perasaan bercampur baur tatkala pertama kali menyaksikannnya. Bukan nak menjatuhkan mauah sesape, sekadar berkongsi pengalaman. Dan pengalaman nurse yg Ustaz Hasrizal cerita tu juga. Ianya iktibar untuk kita.

Naudzubillahi mindzalik.....

nota kaki: nurse yg marah2 tu bukan sebab die bengkeng. tak, diorg baik je sanye, cool je... tp mase tu diorg sgt upset sebab terpakse mengadap kelahiran anak luar nikah.....mmg diorg xsuke..... hu... tp x la semua, ade jugak yg berlembut dgn budak tu. Hm agaknye diorg xnak budak2 ni sesuke ati je nnti dtg branak anak tidak sah taraf kat situ untuk kali kedua dan ketiga dan seterusnye,,,kot.

Wallahua'lam :)

Bile nak raya..?

oh it's thursday T_T
tomorrow will be friday, then saturday and sunday
where im supposed to go back there again

every single breath
and every step would be so painful to me.
this is killing me.

wish i can stay here in my 'cave' like forever...
dont wanna go anywhere


sampai bileeeeeeee???...

sampai bile nadia.

sampai hari raya...huhu... ^_^

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time, make it go faster...

Im good...nothing to worry
but the sunny day will be a totally different day after the rain comes

I can’t forget you when you’re gone
Your like a song
That goes around in my head

this song is playing rite now

I know it's what they think best for me
and I know I'll see the fruits out of it one day, some happy day at the end of the fairy tale
Leave the preach on any goods or lessons behind it, Im not a kid I know that

Im not blind

But it's the hard time Im coping with rite now
the awkwardly awkward feeling, and then the rehab thingy
does anybody cares? I believe someone would want to, but please don't..and I appreciate it more.
Thank you.

Make it go faster
Or just decide
To come back to my happy heart....

Oh Im not writing things down to tell people what's going on with me, hell no
Neither I'll give a shit if nobody cares to read any of these

This is just for me myself.

"Nadia bintang ape ye?" once Danisya's grandma asked me in the last day they're in the ward.

"Gemini...nenek.... terer bace horoscope jugak ke??"

"Boleh la sikit2....haha..... Erm, gemini ye... orang gemini ni, memang ceria... luar nampak happy je selalu.. Huha sana, huha sini... tapi, hatinya saaaangat halus... dan bile tercalar, walau sikit je pun, memang lama....kan kan?" she grinned....and I just smiled...speechlessly... this awesome nanny....

....and I miss her already.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Konon-kononnya aku rasa bermotivasi haha

I shall not repeat the old mistakes I'd done... there's no turning back,.. the time will bring me there....right where I'll find that my life is all damn.... if I don't change from now. 

To make a change is the hardest thing to do in life. People would rather live in hardship than to make a change in their lives. To change from being a loser to a better, useful person. Losers are everywhere. They know they are damn, but they keep on living on this earth without a sense of regret, not even an effort to move on. Because....

it's not easy. At all.

Live like you're dying and never stop trying
It's all you could do, use what's been given to you

ps: this song 'Live like you're dying' by Lenka is slaughtering me. mcm perli2 aq pun ade hahah.

All of the moments you didn't notice
Gone in a blink of an eye


Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Knock knock" - Lenka

A second, a minute, and hour, a day goes by.
Im hopin’ just to be by your side.
Im turnin’ the handle
it wont open.
Dont make me wait, cause right now I need your smile.


Knock Knock
When life had locked me out, I turned to you
so open the door
Youre all I need right now its true
Nothin’ works like you. 

Little louder x3 knockin’
Little louder x2

A warm bath, a good laugh, an old song that you know by heart.
Ive tried it but they all leave me cold.
So now Im here waiting to see you,
my remedy for all that's been hurting me. 


You seem to know the way
to turn my frown upside down
you always know what to say
to make me feel like everythings ok.

Little louder x3 knockin (x3)
Little louder x2

Chorus x2

Little louder x3 knockin’
Nothin’ works like you, oh oh
Little louder x3 knockin’


ps: tlg buka pintu :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Posting budok2

Otroman GAYA

Ayuh buat developmental assessment. name budok ni...erk x ingat. marila namakan dia Adam. umur dia 3-4 tahun cetu. ok skarang nak ajak dia maen conteng2, nak tgk die dah pandai lukis garisan2 dan bulatan ke tak. maka kami bagi la dia sebatang pensel dan sehelai kertas.

"Adam, lukis macam ni," Put beri arahan. Adam akur, lukis garisan menegak. Aku berdiri sebelah kiri Adam. Ruq, Fina dan Nana pun perhatikan dari sekeliling katil Adam.

"Lukis ni pulak," arahan kedua diberi. Adam lukis lagi.

"Ok sekarang Adam lukis bola pulak," Put buat 1 bulatan, suruh Adam lukis. kalau dia boleh lukis bulatan ni boleh la nak kate umur dia dah cekau 3 tahun. Namun kali ni Adam lukis putar2, dan conteng2 kertas. Tanda protes, atau mungkin bosan. Tiba2 Adam berpaling ke arah aku, dan dia hulurkan pensel yg dipegangnya, sambil kata "Gaya!" Erk.. kami blur, ape yang Adam nak? "GAYA!" pintanya sekali lagi. kami pandang ibu Adam di sisi katil, minta diberikan 'hint'.

"Oh..Dia suruh lukis Ultraman GAYA!" kata ibu Adam...

Lorhh! Hahaha.... nak tak nak, kena la lukis jugak....nak ambil hati dia..hampeh kan si cenonet ni...
"kite nak examine dia, last2 dia yg examine kite!" kataku kpd rakan2 sedarjahku di situ.... hahaha..

Kejadah la mendalah Gaya ni kan......aku dah fail dah bab2 lukis otoman nih hahaha
otoman sebelah kanan & raksasa tu Ruq lukih, otoman gemuk sebelah kiri tu aku lukih. hahah.
p/s: br aq prasan otoman sebenar mukenye serius ok, mane de senyum2. ceiss. ceis.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

tajuknye ada di hujung entry

ok aq tau... design baru ni nampak serabut. ok. u dont have to tell..haha.... tp biarla.. skali skale... ;p

maka ade lagi 2 minggu nak end posting exam utk Paediatric posting....posting kanak2..hoih...

paeds ni bukan sebarang's a combination of medical + surgery + obstetric + family health + community health....then come the PAEDIATRIC POSTING.....huwa...kne revise semua benda balek...

Neonatal Jaundice a.k.a budak kuning adalah tajuk paling  famous dalam paeds.

Bygkanla otak yg dah sebulan lebih ber'honeymoon' kat klinik utk GP posting, then 2 bulan lebih ber'cuti2  Malaysia' kat Tampin mase Community health posting (mac-april),  then cuti plak sebulan lg kat rumah....tup2 dah kne bukak balek segala mendalah medicine dalam kepala yg dah berkarat nih. mmg susah. erkk. memang. susah. mcm dah tak ingat apape. macam kne ulang masuk 4th year balek. hahahahhaha.

tula mase cuti taknak study.padanmuke! (title for this entry)

ok sampai di sini dulu entry bertemakan padan-muke-aq buat kali ini.
sile study.

sekian :)

Like a song - Lenka

I can’t forget you when you’re gone
Your like a song
That goes around in my head
And how I regret
It’s been so long
Oh what went wrong
Could it be something I said
Time, make it go faster
Or just rewind
To back when im wrapped in your arms


Dum da di da
Da da da dum
Da da da dum
Da da da dum da da di dum
Da di dum dum
Da da da dum
Da da da dum
Da da da dum la da da di da dum

All afternoon long
It’s with me
The same song
You left a light on
Inside me
My love

I can Remember
The way that it felt
To be holding on to you
Da dum da da di dum
Ooh dum di dum


Make it go faster
Or just decide
To come back to my happy heart.

Ahooh oh
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