Monday, April 12, 2010


Wohohow what's with the capital letters?

Just to show how grateful am I to feel that I'm still breathing this very morning. Sounds ridiculous and nothing-of-your concern but it does really matter to me. really. matter. yes. indeeeeed.

I don't need 6-7 or 8 hours of sleep to wake up fresh and sound and healthy without having to sleep again for several hours....4-5 hours is enough, provided that I can breath while I'm asleep.

You don't know how 'dead' you are when you have hypertrophic inferior turbinates inside your airway passage [however these things do not affect the physical appearance of your nose]. They narrow down the air passages and you will feel like not breathing at all. Or if you are a bit lucky, you'll feel like craving for the air. So pathetic. Yeah, it's true.

I don't know how severe it is so far for I haven't go for the follow up with the ENT specialist for a long time. The last meeting was like in October 2009, I supposed. And I really forgot the appointment in December last year. Time-constrained is at blamed haha. But I think it is becoming more severe lately, exacerbated by dusty environment, and also by stress.

Nevertheless I have made a decision not to be dependent on the intranasal steroids anymore [started since my 1st day in Tampin]. I am totally over control of my body and my well being. Those drugs, will bring me nowhere but constantly dependent on them till the end of my life. So do any drugs in this world.

You don't need them. They are just some external agents that are trying to take over the control of your body system. And eventually making you sicker and sicker. It is you who have to decide at which health state level that you want to be.

Just monitor what you eat (eat healthily), exercise regularly, handle stress wisely and sleep adequately. Plus extra super control of your mind power over your own body well being. You are not sick when you don't think of any sickness, and you are totally screwed when you allow the illness to override your own self.

I agree that we have to put some effort into it. But it is worth trying though.
It's true, very true.

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