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LR 3 My patient is my friend.

Oh no. There is so many medical terms, so i decided to put the 'bahasa pasar' of those terms in the bracket [ ]. Hope it won't mess up with ur reading. Happy reading! Cheers...

A can't -never-be-lied patient

"Em, akak pn masuk keje next week...thanx a lot for ur info deq... :-) Cuti panjang ni, mesti selalu dating ye..ape pun, remember, always take care of urself k.. B-) "

That was the last sms I received from her few days ago. She was asking about her 1 month old baby boy, Asyraaf who was not defecating for almost a day. It puzzled me at first, to think of 'The aetiologies of constipation in newborn'... Infection? Stress? Dehydration? Hmm...

But I tried to start from the simple one.

"Erm..akak ade ubah diet dia ke? Ade bg susu formula ke?..."

"Ha, ade2. Next week akak start masuk keje. So semalam akak start bagi susu formula kat dia,"

"Oo..maybe sebab tu kot. Perut dia x biasa lagi dgn susu formula tu. Sebab dalam susu ibu, ade enzim2 utk pencernaan. So skrg badan dia ambik masa nak produce those enzymes. Mcm ni la, akak tengok dl esok, kalau die still x berak lg, maybe kena stopkan dulu.. atau maybe susu tu tak sesuai dgn Asyraaf,"

It has been a month since I first met and know Kak Zura in the antenatal ward Hospital Temerloh. Admitted due to leaking liquor
[pecah air ketuban], she was kept in the ward until the 34 weeks of pregnancy, for a close monitoring. She was so friendly and lovely the history taking turned out to be an endless chit-chatting session between me and her, even on the first time we were talking. And the chapters were so variety, from how-did-you-get-admitted things, until some secrets in relationships [i like it! i like it!].

"Nadia anak ke berapa?"


"Oh..kedua...unsurnya air... Tanah, air, api, angin. So kena la cari air jugak, baru boleh ngam.. Anak ke 2, ke 6, ke 10...sume tu unsur air la. Air dengan air kan boleh bercampur. Tak pun tanah, sebab tanah akan subur kalau kena air. Macam akak, anak ketiga, unsur api. Abg pun api...haha... Tapi kena la pandai2 la kan.... kalau bergaduh, api tak boleh la nak bakar2 lagi si api tu...Kalau akak marah, dia diam...kalau dia marah, akak diam..."

I would have been kicked out of the window, if one of the doctors catch me talking these unnecessary things during the ward work. Hahaha...
[they can't now...cuz I'm already home :p ] We were talking for almost an hour then. Huhu.

On the day after her delivery I went to the ward to visit her. She was lying weakly on the bed, with her eyes closed.

"Eh, Nadia.. duduklah.." she welcomed my existence, and as usual, with her sweet smile.

"Hai, saya ingatkan akak tidur tadi. Dua kali saya ulang-alik tengok akak dari jauh. hehe."

"Tak la...sakit perut ni ha. Sakit sangat dik.." She frowned for some moments, as to resists the pain of the contracting uterus

"Kesiannye akak... Baby macam mana? Kat NICU lg?"
[NICU= neonatal intensive care unit]

"A'ah baby kat NICU lagi... Sebenarnya doktor cakap tak payah masuk pun, tapi akak yang request. Sebab akak risau, baby prem," [prem=premature, x cukup bulan. Medically, less than 38week.s]

"Oh..akak ni.. kuat betul risau.. insyaAllah tak ade ape2 nye... berat pun 2.47kg kan.. amazingly amazing.. hehe...,"

"Tu la..alhamdulillah la ok... tapi akak risau kang ramai2 orang datang melawat.. Immune system prem baby ni bukannye kuat macam baby biase kan," One unique thing about Kak Zura was that she knows almost every simple medical terms used in the hospital.

LMP (last menstrual period), EDD (estimatd date of delivery), IUGR (inta-uterine growth restriction), IUD (intra-uterine death), BP (blood pressure), PR (pulse rate), FBC (full blood count), WCC (white cell count)..... It shocked me at first when she said:

"Akak sebelah katil akak ni pun leaking jugak... And dah ade jangkitan, sebab WCC dia naik aritu.. Sebab tu la doktor induced die,"
[induction of labour = paksa bersalin]


How on earth a typical patient like her could know this WCC thingy, and its relation to infection??....unless she is a medical people, or at least a nurse or medical student. "Akak ni, nurse ke? ke akak keje kat hospital ke klinik ke?" I asked her, curiously curious.

"Hehe tak la...akak ni dah nak dekat sebulan duduk wad ni dek....banyak jugak la term2 akak tau.."

"Oh.. la..yeke... haha... so memang org tak boleh tipu la akak ni kan,"

Dah Habis air mata, dik...

Kak Zura was not the number one. Since my first posting , Surgical posting, I have made friend with the patients in the ward. They were my chit-chatting friend, a great company and even a teacher of mine. Teachers that would've taught me on love, hope and faith. They taught me with their experiences and the way they see things around them.

A heart-calming view of Pandan Mewah from the faculty building

One of the best teachers is Kak Ain [not a real name]. She is [she is still there in the ward today] a patient in the antenatal ward, stucked up for almost 2 months due to the low lying placenta ['uri treletak kat bawah'--ibu2 n bakal2 ibu tau la pasal ni..huhu..]. Strict observation is important, because spontaneous labour is very dangerous as it can leads the baby to distress [baby lemas la senang cite..heheh].

She lived kind a hard life, the one that I would never think of. I still remember how she began to tell me all these things, about her pathetic life story.

"Kesian akak2 ni, kena duk sini berbulan2," I tried to convey my sympathy to them, all four placenta praevia patients in that ward.

"Akak tak sedih ke?" I said, with some smile. I somehow felt kinda weird, seeing she always laughing and smiling with her dear ward mates.

"Dah habis sedih dah dik. Akak dari kecik dah puas bersedih, dah puas menangis.. skarang ni dah habis air mata dah."

"Heh?" I looked deep into her eyes, trying to dig up some hidden meanings from her words.

"Akak dulu mase umur 7 tahun mak ayah akak bercerai. Masa tu duduk kat Sarawak. Lepas bercerai, diorang serah akak kat keluarga angkat. Duduk dgn keluarga angkat, hari2 kena pukul."

"Hah?! Akak tak ngadu kat sape2 ke"

"Hmm..Tak..Takde sape nak ngadu pun. Sampai la masuk sekolah menengah, baru cikgu akak dapat kesan. Lepas tu diorang hantar akak masuk rumah anak yatim. Sampai la akak sekolah menengah. Lepas dapat keputusan SRP yg bagus, akak dapat tawaran MRSM kat Johor. Sebab masa tu kat Sarawak tak ade MRSM. Tapi akak ditaja yuran sekolah aje. Makan, kena sara sendiri.."

"Sara sendiri? Abis tu?"

"Abis tu, akak keje la... Akak keje kat kantin sekolah akak. Masa rehat, orang makan, akak gi dapur cuci pinggan. Lepas cuci dapat la makan free. hee...," she smiled.

"Kejamnye diorang x bagi akak belanja makan..." my heart crumbled into pieces. How on earth could some parents left their suffering child just like that. A child that has to suffered the sins of divorcing parents.

"Ye lah... abes tu nak buat mcm mana... Dah tu yg orang bagi, ambik je lah..." and she continued her story up till her first marriage, which was already ended for a same reason. She was beaten by her first husband, for years. She withstood the torturing until her last child reached 7 years old, big enough to understand the hardship of the real life, before she asked for divorce.

And now she is expecting her forth child, but the first child for her second marriage. Neither a lovely one also.

"What a hard life u have there akak,"

"Hehe.." She laughs and was never looked to be sad or lonely. Almost every patient in the cubicles will love and never be boring talking to her.

"Korang ade peluang macam ni, belajar lah betul2, sampai berjaya. Jadi doktor yang bagus. Tengok akak ni, belajar pun susah. Dah elok2 jadi cikgu, kena berhenti pulak," some advices clinged together with her life's story. Kinda hope from a hopeless not-so-fortunate lady.

There are some more few names are to be mentioned in the later entry.... They were patients seeking help in the hospital, and turned out being friends of mine, as well as teachers of life. Not to forget, a special uncle, who was a former army in my previous entry 'Drama paru-paru dan hati'.

Next story: How a 16-year old don't-even-know-who-is-she ended up being my little friend.


Sop said...

wonderful to know that you enjoy building rapport with patients.

noin said...

abestu anak 1st ape unsurnye? angin kot tak silap aku ek? huhu..

mr KA said...


Aderi Aryasu said...

First of all, thanks for considering the explaination of medical terms. ;)

Nice experiences that you have there. Taking care of other peoples, and get to know their stories and experiences. Gaining experiences and learn from them. How to handle any problems that you might encounter on your own alone in the future. Not so many people out there can get what you got there.

And the way you treated them makes them feel better emotionally. Where they needs people to share their deep soul, you were there. It's nice.

Well your stories clearer now rather than before. Thanks for the easy apporach on your story telling. Now whole world can try to understand what are you trying to express.

Good luck, and keep on going. Gambatte kudasai.

Ndea said...

sop - i cant help from treating as a human being though...which makes me prefer to borak2 rather than taking history haha :p

ain - anak 1st Tanah. 2nd Air. 3rd api. 4th angin. haha. ntahla yeke kekate org2 tua kite dulu2 la [not my org tu la tapi..hehe] =))

mr KA - thanx2!! :) tnx for reading....

adli - haha setiap kali aq bc balik, ade je grammar mistakes aq... haha..tnx 4 ur opinion n positive critics....pujian2 tu xpenting, yg pnting ade la sket pekdah utk org2 yg membaca.. huhu.. :) thanx again!

Ndea said...


sop - i cant help from treating *them as a human being though...which makes me prefer to borak2 rather than taking history haha :p

noin said...

ohh tanah ke. aku igt angin. sbb rumet ak dulu pnh kate aku ni unsur angin. sbb tu ar tgkp kat blk kene bukak salu, kipas pon kene pasang kaw2 nye. hahaha

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