Friday, August 28, 2009

Di Awan-awangan


Hospital Ampang, Jalan Pandan Mewah

Can't remember where was this

The clouds are turning red! - Evening at Sri Pandan apartment

An afternoon in Pandan Mewah Heights

I do, love clouds, you know....

Over the construction site - hospital ampang quarters back then in 2010, perhaps

They are huge, beautiful, white, clean, silent and harmless.....

Pandan Indah - A view from the faculty building

Yeah, how beautiful they are.

So sweet and calming....the clouds I mean off course

I like to see they slow-motionly marching on the blue sky...

To some of you reader, this is nothing more than a nonsense and meaningless mumbling of a typical 22-year-old human being.

No it's not..

I do learn so much from them clouds....

How cool they are...

They don't have a terrible heart to mad at people underneath them, to hate anyone that never satisfy their feelings, to envy at those who are way better than them.... or to feel sad when they are about to be forgotten....

People lie and fight all the time. But clouds not. 
(gambar hiasan)

They don't even have a face to reveal their most can't help hatred emotions towards me.... Even after I forgetting them for so long.... Even if I made'em sick by freeing the unpleasant air into the atmosphere... or unintentionally passing my case to be clerked by other people.....agagagaggg...

Allahu akbar

Even IF they are turning black like a grumpy scary mighty monster, they never never never hate and mad at me. I know that...yeah...

A Forethought

They are staying away up there in the sky..... So high that I can never ever be dreaming of reaching even a piece of them.

It taught me about my forethought. Things that would be happening in my future, and require more than just a prepared mind to face them. The clouds do 'remind' me of how important for me to think about my future obstacles from now on. How do I feed my children, which school will suit best for them... hahah :p

Look at the straight lines! Subhanallah... Mansoura, Egypt....April 2009. On the day we were leaving

To some extend, they are a depiction of my ambitions. Which are located up there far from my gasping hand.... They remind me of bunches of hardship and hard works for me to get them. But this is the most forgotten part of the lesson, being a lazy bum...then, now and forever i will ever be....

What a cloud to admired be for?....

They are not just clouds..

We think clouds are just white and black. But actually they appear in variety of colours

They bring us 'good news'

They bring us rain, by the willing of a 'Rahmat' for us...

Even after we people are so cruel towards the world, the earth and the air....molesting their right to live longer and healthier... We denied their warning, we screw with the nature and leave them pathetically struggling keeping the balance of the universe for us human being, so that we can live happily on this planet earth...

Eating ice cream under the morning sky... @ Bagan Lalang beach

Behind the clouds....

The most important is, to remember 'someone' that is so important behind the existence of the soundless, emotionless clouds.... Tis' the creator of the clouds, ALLAH the Almighty.

He is way more lovely than the beautiful clouds that I've been admiring of... His forgiveness is the most valuable thing that we should strive for while we still have the chance....

Usah dengar saja, ayuh dendangkan sama2....

Lyric - - Cinta Sempurna (by: Yuna)

aku manusia lemah
selalu terjatuh
berbeda aku dari mu
kau berdiri teguh

aku serba tiada
aku kekurangan
dan bila kau tiba
aku hilang dari kewujudan

sempurnanya sifatmu
tulusnya hatimu
jujurnya niatmu
tingginya kesabaranmu

lepaskanlah diriku
kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung
cinta sempurna

bukan aku tak pernah
mengerti dirimu
ku sanjung setiap kata cinta
kau berikan aku

hilangkan rasa itu
akhirkan semua
dan bila kau sedar
aku hilang dari kewujudan

sempurna sifatmu
tulusnya hatimu
jujurnya niatmu
tingginya kesabaranmu

lepaskanlah diriku
kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung
cinta sempurna

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Looser's thought

This is nonsense... staying up late until 2 o'clock in the morning is not a good thing as a kick start.

A long break from writing an entry into this blog makes words stuck a bit longer inside my head from being expressed on this screen.

So, this is how it feels of being a looser. People do mistakes all the time. Mistakes mean you are learning. I used to say that to a friend of mine. But now I learn how hard accepting it by my own heart. It is really hard.

But, it indeed is a sin if I keep on feeling as a looser that has lost its faith to the fate. Whether it is good or bad, whether we like it or not. Just have to devour it. And do some deep thinking through it, surely you'll learn things more than what you could imagine.

Learning ain't an easy process. It costs you sweat, and a heart full of patients. Bunches of pains awaiting for you to bear with, and a list of hardship that you don't even want to know is already there for you.

Just don't be so fragile to those inevitable events.

You are not gonna proved to be a strong sailor just by sailing smoothly on the calm, beautiful ocean without a single struck of storm.

BMS: everything is paid!
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