Monday, July 6, 2009


You have an odd feeling.

You feel it the 'A' way,

but your heart tends to make you feel the 'B' way.

You're all busted, by your own faulty I'm-okay sensation which incidentally emerged as a spontaneous reflex response when something not really okay is actually happened.

What a shame!

People lie anyway. Even to their own hearts themselves.

It's about you and the odd feeling. But what about verbally lying to someone?

Being helplessly honest

Medicine is all about confession. You disclose your past-time history wide open to the audiences in their white coats, eagerly to know about anything you have ever done for the rest of your life that makes you ended up lying helplessly in front of them.

You lie to them, that's it -- medicine wouldn't matter anymore.

But, being honest is what we appreciate the most from you patient. Off course we do understand the pain of self-disclosure is sometimes more painful than the real ailments that you are obviously suffering from.

No matter how bad it is....they have to..

BMS: But I think they are more than okay
about 'self-disclosur'-ing themselves! ^__^


Sop said...

looks like the child has haematuria.

Ndea said...

is it common to find a child with haematuria in paeds ward down there?

i believe it is incontinence.

azaHmaeL said...

is this ur bed sheet? hhahah

Ndea Anuar said...

Azah - luckily I never had incontinence.. or enuresis (kencing malam) hehehe

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