Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saya beli gintell...

Saat ini lagu iklan Gintell ni terngiang2 di cerebral cortex. Tapi kali ni liriknye dah bertuakar sikit

"Selamat hari bapa, ....

Saya beli Gintell...."

He's big, and scary.

Not that stupid Gintell, but my Dad.

Fatherly soul

It was 16th May, a day after my aunt, Mak Tam gave birth to her 4th child -- Muhammad Zarif. (The baby that I'm holding in the picture at the bottom of my blog). We went to the hospital, Darul Ehsan Medical Center in Shah Alam to pay a visit, also to welcoming the new member into our BIG family.

Big love...he's so handsome, and fair. Hehe.

Mak Tam's second last child, which is the only girl in their family was so hyperkinetic (a little less than hyperactive haha). Nurin Alyaa (Arin), 17 month old kid. She ran here and there in her mother's room, doesn't even bother who was around. [Naseb baik kamu cumey, kalau x Kak Ya cubit2 kamu]

After a while I saw my dad holding her up, both were looking out of the window. Enjoying the after-rain view of Shah Alam.

Ayah and Arin. Arin looked so confident in between the big hands!

"Tengok tu...kereta.. vroom... Tu... tu ape? Itu kedai...." Ayah sounds so fatherly....
[jelez pulak aq]

Unbelievable though. Arin seemed enjoy that company. So comfortably sitting on my dad's big forearm. Haha.

I came near to them to take their picture. Suddenly I heard dad saying:

"Tu...tgk tu burung gagak... burung gagak hitam.... Kenapa burung tu macam"

Hinss. T__T

Until today, I'm still wondering how did he expect Arin to respond to that statement...

Namun Arin hanya diam membisu. Sedikit keliru wajahnya tatkala itu aku lihat. Haha.

Kuaci (Sun flower seeds)

Since early 2008, Ayah has been assigned to handle the project in Perak by his boss. For that reason, he needs to travel to Manjung, Parit, Taiping (and a list of districts in the north of Perak).

Indeed, he needs company. Its always be mom, but during my holiday, he asked my to be the co-pilot, the map-reader, smart-tag preparer, kuaci-waiter. Kuaci?

Ayah is studying the map of Perak.. Me: damn boring.

This is his can't-help habit while driving.

"Ngantuk la kalau x makan koci.." he claimed.

Before starts driving, he'll make sure his stock of kuaci is adequate for the journey. And the kuaci will be put in a small plastic bag, so it's easy for him to reach them.

The left-over (which is the kulit@covering of the kuaci)?

There's no time for a driver to place those things nicely in a plastic bag..... basically they are just thrown away on the driver seat floor. Bulk of kulit kuacis. Just imagine, how much kulit kuacis can you collect after a 3-4 hour journey? From2-3 medium-sized bags of kuaci? [kuaci Chacheer yg manis tu]

It's time to go home. Usually it's only a day journey. Morning till night.

We were passing the Bidor Plus toll, entering the North-South hiway.

"Nah, skarang tukar giliran. Kamu bawak sampai rumah, ayah nak tido."

He pulled over. It was 8.30pm. Dark night, and the road was just clear.

I went out of the car, and reaching the driver door. He's still there, looked like he's clearing something out of the floor of the car.

"Ayah buat ape tu?"

Cusss.... [fail to elaborate the exact sound hehe]

He pour all of the kulit kuaci on the road, beside our car. The rubbish was so bulky they created a mountain of kulit kuacis on the road.

"Ya salam... Ayah...." a lil bit disappointed, bcuz he's doing something that I hate people doing.

"Eh, ape salahnye, kite kan dah bayar td,.." calmly, he replied. Obviously he meant the toll.

lol :D

Aduh, Ayah..

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!

Budak mata sepet: Ayah saya laaaaagi sepet! ^___^


noin said...

ko bli Gintell?
brg exercise kan tuh?
yg Amber Chia jd model tu eh?

hehe. ni aku nk tiruk ayh ko mkn kuaci smbil drive neh.
ak pon cpt ngntok la time bwk kete.
Nak2 kat highway tuh.

ndeanuar said...

tade la aq bli btol2...
baek aq bli BP set utk monitor blood pressure die..

weh jgn, bahaye la.
kne ade skill jugak tu.
n nti keta ko bau mcm sangkar hamster!

noin said...

abestu ape motif ko ckp bli Gintell?
dok pehe la nad oi..

susah erh?
idup mmg bermula dari susah.
ahaks :P

best pe hamster.
kiut wat... hehe

ndeanuar said...

adeh, ko..
xkan xpena tgk iklan gintell sempena hari ibu n hari bapa tu?...

"harga satu, dapat dua gintelll...."
ha3~ :p

tape la ko blateh la sikit, heheh.

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