Monday, June 15, 2009

Lima si.

Ahmad, Abu, Aminah, Latipah, Ah Meng, Kumar... semuanya dulu hanya di atas kertas. Sakitnya di perut, kepala, kaki dan dada. Sesak nafasnya. Kuning matanya. Pedih di dada. Kencing berdarah.

Mana satu penyakitnya?

Pilih saja A, B, C atau D.
Dapat 1 markah.

But since last week, I've been seeing real Ahmad, Abu, Aminah, Latipah, Ah Meng and Kumar. The women are in 5C, men are in 5A and 5B. I spent most of my time, as well as learn so many things in 5C. They and their pain are so real I can see it right in the eyes.


"Bagila makcik seteguk air nak, kalau makcik hembuskan nafas pun mak cik redha..." cried an old lady to me during my on call duty. She starved to death, and kept on craving for sips of water. She kept on saying that everytime I came to her. Being scheduled on a colonoscopy on the next morning, it was compulsory for her to fast on that day.

I have no choice.

She did well in making me burst into tears. The very 1st drops in the ward.

Morning round.

"Mak cik, pagi ni apa macam?" asked Mr. George, the General Surgeon to another makcik.

"Suuuuma baik!" smiling, she answered in her 'utara' slang. This awesome woman never feel any pain, and never ask anything from us. She's still there in the female ward this morning. Sakinah and I have got a chance to examine her distended tummy.

"Makcik, saya mau pereksa sikit perut makcik, kalau ada sakit habaq na.." I began with a light palpation, with my eyes kept a close watch on her face. Suddenly she made a suffering facies. I stopped. "Mak cik sakit ke?" I asked her. "Dok aih..." and she smiled. I started again. "Ok.."

"Kali ni ni saya tekan kuat sikit ye. Kalau sakit habaq na.."

She nodded, and smiled.

Again, she made that 'wajah berkerut2' as if she was in severe pain, plus contracting her abdominal muscles so hard I can hardly feel a thing. "Eh,, awat? mak cik sakit ka??" I was so worried if she really in pain.

"Dok aih..." she answered.

I started again, and the same face turned up.

"Abih tu awat mak cik buat muka macam sakit?"

"Mak cik tahan kencin.." clarifying her weired action just now.

T__T Fair enough.


My perception on her. On the next day after her surgery, she could already get up from her bed, walking to the bathroom, exercising her hand as what she was told to. And smiles a lot. You would never believe that this old woman just has had her operation yesterday. Removal surgery of a malignancy! I admire her, her strength, her baby-face like of looking when the doctors were conversating in at her bedsite, as if she really understood the contents of the discussion.

"Tengok cara aunty tu pandang Dr.Farah n Mr.George...macam die paham je ape dorg cakap.. =)" I said to Sakinah.

A Grown-up kid

Which is unfinished story, I really want to discover the real 'sickness' of this girl. 15 year-old. Too big to be in the paed ward, too young to be that agressive.

"Kamu 'basuh' kepala dia ni sket." said Kak Shima, the guard on the 5th floor, to me.

'Wah. Kak Shima pun tau pasal masalah dia ni??' a monologue in my head.

"Kenapa?" acting like I don't know anything.

"Dia tak suka minum air suam!"Kak Shima addeed, completing her statement.

'Fuuh...ingatkan suruh 'basuh' otak die td,......'

The girl smiled.

Budak mata sepet: sakit tumit kerana span kasut makin menipis.



noin said...

haha. mcm2 cite weh. sonok plak aku bace entry ni. cam bace chicken soup from cik Nadea pon ade. hehe. keep on writing this kinda story kay. At least dpt gak merasa tgk pesakit dari kacamata bakal Dokto. ahaks :)

mokchique said...

sewel sket rasenye aku pepagi bute gelak bace cite kedua~

good to know u're having a blast 'bullying' patients...hehe~

ekay said...

dah jumpe!! guguGU~

cam best...xmo g TEmerLOh..(~~_ )

Ndea said...

noin: aq tataw nape mlm aq tlis entry ni, aq teringat2 je kat macik (cerita ke2) tu. rase laen mcm. Dan aq rse sgt x sbr nk g spital. esok pg nye aq kuar awal. rse sngt bsemangat. smpai2 je ward 5C, tgk kat katil makcik tu rmi anak2 die. dan makcik yg sgt jarang (bleh kate xpnh) aq tgk die tdo, pg itu hnya kaku di atas katil. Intubated, BP, heart rate, SpO2 is being monitored, etc. suasana tegang, bacaan surah Yasin kedengaran.........

[to be continued]

Ndea said...

mokchique - hahaha kite pun penah tegelak sorang2 dalam bilek bace blog akak yg akak cite pasal gelagat adek akak...haha nti citerla lagi =D

ekay - gugugu dah jumpe ape?

haha apesalla skrg baru aku pasan aku xreply komen kalian...huuu soreee...dah bertahun2 hahahaha

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