Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aku tidak pelik, tapi kau yang pelik.

Finally I got the answer for my entry 'Tersalah pelik'.

“Islam bermula sebagai sesuatu yang dianggap asing dan ganjil. Dan ia akan kembali sebagaimana permulaannya, dianggap asing dan ganjil. Maka, beruntunglah orang-orang yang ganjil” [Hadith Muslim no. 145]

I bet each of us must have encounter situation as what I experienced recently.

We're dubbed as the weird species, which is still strongly upholding our faith of ISLAM. While the throng with their undoubtedly flawed way of lives are happily living on this dying planet earth.

“Maka sepatutnya ada di antara umat yang telah dibinasakan dahulu daripada kamu itu, orang-orang yang berkelebihan akal fikiran yang melarang kaumnya dari perbuatan-perbuatan jahat di muka bumi tetapi sayang! Tidak ada yang melarang melainkan sedikit sahaja, iaitu orang-orang yang Kami telah selamatkan di antara mereka. Dan orang-orang yang tidak melarang itu telah menitik beratkan segala kemewahan yang diberikan kepada mereka dan menjadilah mereka orang-orang yang berdosa.” [Hud 11: 116]

Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said:

“Islam bermula sebagai sesuatu yang dipandang ganjil. Kemudian ia akan kembali menjadi seperti permulaannya, dianggap ganjil dan asing semula. Namun berikanlah khabar gembira kepada ghuraba’ iaitu orang-orang yang asing ini”

[Riwayat ibn Asaakir dan dinilaikan Sahih oleh al-Albani]

Baginda ditanya, “siapakah orang-orang yang asing itu?”

Baginda menjawab, “iaitulah mereka yang berusaha memperbaiki manusia ketika golongan ramai sudah menjadi rosak”

[Riwayat Abu Amr al-Dani daripada hadith Ibn Mas’oud. Dinilaikan sahih oleh al-Albani]

Di dalam suatu riwayat yang lain, baginda menjawab, “iaitu mereka yang menghidupkan Sunnahku yang telah dimatikan oleh manusia”

Juga dalam satu riwayat yang lain, baginda menjawab, “mereka adalah kumpulan kecil di kalangan kelompok ramai yang rosak. Golongan yang menentang kumpulan kecil ini, lebih ramai daripada yang mengikutnya”

Don't be ashamed doing the right thing.

Prophet Muhammad SAW once asked about the meaning of a firman Allah:

“ Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! jagalah sahaja diri kamu (dari melakukan sesuatu yang dilarang oleh Allah). Orang-orang yang sesat tidak akan mendatangkan mudarat kepada kamu apabila kamu sendiri telah mendapat hidayah petunjuk (taat mengerjakan suruhan Allah dan meninggalkan laranganNya). Kepada Allah jualah tempat kembali kamu semuanya, kemudian Dia akan menerangkan kepada kamu (balasan) apa yang kamu telah lakukan” [al-Maa’idah 5: 105]

Rasulullah SAW said:

Bahkan sesungguhnya serulah manusia kepada kebaikan dan cegahlah dari kemungkaran. Kamu nanti akan melihat satu keadaan di mana kebatilan akan dituruti, hawa nafsu akan jadi ikutan dan dunia ini akan lebih diutamakan. Setiap orang akan tenggelam dalam pandangan masing-masing. Peliharalah diri kamu dan janganlah dituruti orang ramai. Sesungguhnya selepas zaman kamu ini, akan datang hari-hari yang menuntut kesabaran, dan kesabaran itu akan menjadi seperti perbuatan menggenggam bara api di dalam tangan. Sesiapa yang terus bertahan dengan keadaan itu akan mendapat ganjaran seperti 50 orang yang berbuat perkara yang sama”

Sahabat bertanya, “Ya Rasulullah, ganjaran 50orang seperti mereka?”

Baginda menjawab, “Ganjaran 50 orang seperti kamu”

[Hadith riwayat al-Tirmidhi dan Abu Daud dengan sanad yang lemah tetapi diperkukuhkan oleh riwayat yang lain]

Lo and behold. Allah is The Almighty.

Feel free to visit the link below for you may get the full understanding of this issue. InsyaAllah we'll feel stronger when hearing to the good news from Allah.

BMS: hei budak kecit, aku menang!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Kesian mereka menderita kesakitan.

Tapi saya tak mampu nak tolong apa2.

(Salunye layan je la dorg berborak..)

Acute appendicitis, acute cholecystitis, gastritis, cholelithiasis, orchitis.


Setiap orang ade bahagian masing2.

Aku tidak terkecuali.

A monologue:

'Sabar ye makcik. Makcik ade cholecystitis,...saya ade allergic rhinitis. Dan saya medical student..,' T__T

BMS: is being a med. student ever considered as an illess??



Boss: "artery... buzz me."

Bbzzzz...... smoke's all over.

"Uhk uhk..." Asisstant 1's coughing.

Boss: "Suck the smoke..

Scrub nurse took action.

"Let Assisstant 2 do it la.."

"Pick up..

Bbzzzz...... psssssssss.....

Boss: "buzz..."

Bbzzzz..zzzzzssssttt.... burnt smell.

Boss: "tie get ready,"

Scrub nurse: "3.0 or 2.0 boss?"

Boss: "3.0 will do," continues buzzing n buzzing..

"Suck the blood,"

Assistant 2: "I can't see,"
that fella is damn short

"Come near la, don't be scared..close to the table,"

Assistant 2: "hoho..ok2" ^__^

Boss: "So where does the breast extend?"

Assistant 2: "from the 2nd to 6th rib,"


Boss:"It is so big ma.., it's only a small mass, but need to remove the whole big thing,"

Boss: "Ok, what is this muscle?"

Assistant 2: "Pect minor,"

Boss: "Come again?" can't tolerate low-peach voice.

Assistant 2: "Pect minor."


"It's axillary (vessels). I think it should be higher up,...

Ok, now what nerve am I looking for?"


"Intercostobrachial Nerve right..? here are 2 of them. Now I'm looking for another one"

"I'm cutting'em now. So what the patient will complaint of?"


"It's sensory. She will feel numbness and tingling in the arm, right?"

"Oww...Is it just temporary or permanent, boss?"

"See how I cut it? I'm purposely injuring it, right? So do you think it will regenerate?"


"Yeah, then it is permanent,"

Questions and questions...

Wednesday is awesome!.... Will never forget those moments.

Thank GOD... Alhamdulillah.

Am I enjoying other people's sorrow?
[They are happy ma... ^__^]

--> It's not that what I'm expressing here.
Totally not.

Fallacy's bad, rite? =)

Budak mate sepet: Promise me this is not the last!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saya beli gintell...

Saat ini lagu iklan Gintell ni terngiang2 di cerebral cortex. Tapi kali ni liriknye dah bertuakar sikit

"Selamat hari bapa, ....

Saya beli Gintell...."

He's big, and scary.

Not that stupid Gintell, but my Dad.

Fatherly soul

It was 16th May, a day after my aunt, Mak Tam gave birth to her 4th child -- Muhammad Zarif. (The baby that I'm holding in the picture at the bottom of my blog). We went to the hospital, Darul Ehsan Medical Center in Shah Alam to pay a visit, also to welcoming the new member into our BIG family.

Big love...he's so handsome, and fair. Hehe.

Mak Tam's second last child, which is the only girl in their family was so hyperkinetic (a little less than hyperactive haha). Nurin Alyaa (Arin), 17 month old kid. She ran here and there in her mother's room, doesn't even bother who was around. [Naseb baik kamu cumey, kalau x Kak Ya cubit2 kamu]

After a while I saw my dad holding her up, both were looking out of the window. Enjoying the after-rain view of Shah Alam.

Ayah and Arin. Arin looked so confident in between the big hands!

"Tengok tu...kereta.. vroom... Tu... tu ape? Itu kedai...." Ayah sounds so fatherly....
[jelez pulak aq]

Unbelievable though. Arin seemed enjoy that company. So comfortably sitting on my dad's big forearm. Haha.

I came near to them to take their picture. Suddenly I heard dad saying:

"Tu...tgk tu burung gagak... burung gagak hitam.... Kenapa burung tu macam"

Hinss. T__T

Until today, I'm still wondering how did he expect Arin to respond to that statement...

Namun Arin hanya diam membisu. Sedikit keliru wajahnya tatkala itu aku lihat. Haha.

Kuaci (Sun flower seeds)

Since early 2008, Ayah has been assigned to handle the project in Perak by his boss. For that reason, he needs to travel to Manjung, Parit, Taiping (and a list of districts in the north of Perak).

Indeed, he needs company. Its always be mom, but during my holiday, he asked my to be the co-pilot, the map-reader, smart-tag preparer, kuaci-waiter. Kuaci?

Ayah is studying the map of Perak.. Me: damn boring.

This is his can't-help habit while driving.

"Ngantuk la kalau x makan koci.." he claimed.

Before starts driving, he'll make sure his stock of kuaci is adequate for the journey. And the kuaci will be put in a small plastic bag, so it's easy for him to reach them.

The left-over (which is the kulit@covering of the kuaci)?

There's no time for a driver to place those things nicely in a plastic bag..... basically they are just thrown away on the driver seat floor. Bulk of kulit kuacis. Just imagine, how much kulit kuacis can you collect after a 3-4 hour journey? From2-3 medium-sized bags of kuaci? [kuaci Chacheer yg manis tu]

It's time to go home. Usually it's only a day journey. Morning till night.

We were passing the Bidor Plus toll, entering the North-South hiway.

"Nah, skarang tukar giliran. Kamu bawak sampai rumah, ayah nak tido."

He pulled over. It was 8.30pm. Dark night, and the road was just clear.

I went out of the car, and reaching the driver door. He's still there, looked like he's clearing something out of the floor of the car.

"Ayah buat ape tu?"

Cusss.... [fail to elaborate the exact sound hehe]

He pour all of the kulit kuaci on the road, beside our car. The rubbish was so bulky they created a mountain of kulit kuacis on the road.

"Ya salam... Ayah...." a lil bit disappointed, bcuz he's doing something that I hate people doing.

"Eh, ape salahnye, kite kan dah bayar td,.." calmly, he replied. Obviously he meant the toll.

lol :D

Aduh, Ayah..

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!

Budak mata sepet: Ayah saya laaaaagi sepet! ^___^

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lima si.

Ahmad, Abu, Aminah, Latipah, Ah Meng, Kumar... semuanya dulu hanya di atas kertas. Sakitnya di perut, kepala, kaki dan dada. Sesak nafasnya. Kuning matanya. Pedih di dada. Kencing berdarah.

Mana satu penyakitnya?

Pilih saja A, B, C atau D.
Dapat 1 markah.

But since last week, I've been seeing real Ahmad, Abu, Aminah, Latipah, Ah Meng and Kumar. The women are in 5C, men are in 5A and 5B. I spent most of my time, as well as learn so many things in 5C. They and their pain are so real I can see it right in the eyes.


"Bagila makcik seteguk air nak, kalau makcik hembuskan nafas pun mak cik redha..." cried an old lady to me during my on call duty. She starved to death, and kept on craving for sips of water. She kept on saying that everytime I came to her. Being scheduled on a colonoscopy on the next morning, it was compulsory for her to fast on that day.

I have no choice.

She did well in making me burst into tears. The very 1st drops in the ward.

Morning round.

"Mak cik, pagi ni apa macam?" asked Mr. George, the General Surgeon to another makcik.

"Suuuuma baik!" smiling, she answered in her 'utara' slang. This awesome woman never feel any pain, and never ask anything from us. She's still there in the female ward this morning. Sakinah and I have got a chance to examine her distended tummy.

"Makcik, saya mau pereksa sikit perut makcik, kalau ada sakit habaq na.." I began with a light palpation, with my eyes kept a close watch on her face. Suddenly she made a suffering facies. I stopped. "Mak cik sakit ke?" I asked her. "Dok aih..." and she smiled. I started again. "Ok.."

"Kali ni ni saya tekan kuat sikit ye. Kalau sakit habaq na.."

She nodded, and smiled.

Again, she made that 'wajah berkerut2' as if she was in severe pain, plus contracting her abdominal muscles so hard I can hardly feel a thing. "Eh,, awat? mak cik sakit ka??" I was so worried if she really in pain.

"Dok aih..." she answered.

I started again, and the same face turned up.

"Abih tu awat mak cik buat muka macam sakit?"

"Mak cik tahan kencin.." clarifying her weired action just now.

T__T Fair enough.


My perception on her. On the next day after her surgery, she could already get up from her bed, walking to the bathroom, exercising her hand as what she was told to. And smiles a lot. You would never believe that this old woman just has had her operation yesterday. Removal surgery of a malignancy! I admire her, her strength, her baby-face like of looking when the doctors were conversating in at her bedsite, as if she really understood the contents of the discussion.

"Tengok cara aunty tu pandang Dr.Farah n Mr.George...macam die paham je ape dorg cakap.. =)" I said to Sakinah.

A Grown-up kid

Which is unfinished story, I really want to discover the real 'sickness' of this girl. 15 year-old. Too big to be in the paed ward, too young to be that agressive.

"Kamu 'basuh' kepala dia ni sket." said Kak Shima, the guard on the 5th floor, to me.

'Wah. Kak Shima pun tau pasal masalah dia ni??' a monologue in my head.

"Kenapa?" acting like I don't know anything.

"Dia tak suka minum air suam!"Kak Shima addeed, completing her statement.

'Fuuh...ingatkan suruh 'basuh' otak die td,......'

The girl smiled.

Budak mata sepet: sakit tumit kerana span kasut makin menipis.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Tersalah pelik

Fuh. Alhamdulillah selamat jugak aku sampi ke blok 6 sebelum hujan makin lebat nih. Tak sesia aku pecut langkah selaju 11km/jam td sampai berpeluh2. Kalau x lencun la aku dalam kat tengah2 pandan mewah ni...

Budak kecit

Baru je tekan butang lift, ade call dari Ainun. Aku pun batalkan la niat nak naik lift, n just jawab panggilan tu kat foyer depan lift tu je. Pd masa yg sama ade la 3 orang budak perempuan baru lepas swimming menuju ke blok aku -- sorang kakak dlm umur 15thn carry adiknye ngan basikal, lbih kurang darjah dua cetu. Sorang lagi mcm darjah enam kot, jalan kaki.

When I said swimming, korang buleh bayangkan aje la mcm mane rupa diorg mase tu... (basah tu memang la!) - masing2 pakai bikini. Kaler pink, ade corak2 biru sket. Nasib baik la aku ni perempuan. Macam tu la orang2 skrg, lagi2 kat bandar macam kat tempat aku ni... They are Malay indeed, damn sure.

Diorang pun lalu sebelah aku, dan tiba2 si adik bertanya kat kakaknye : "kenapa semua orang pakai tudung ni kak?".....


Aku tengok sekeliling, pretty sure that I'm the only human being standing near them, and I did wearing tudung at that time. Dia pelik betol tengok aku pakai tudung!..... Sedangkan dia serta kakak2nya sedang bertel$#%*&@....??

Aku ke yang tersalah attire mase tu?

Mulanye aku yang tengah bercakap kat talipon buat2 x dengar je, tapi aku nekadkan jugak diri berpaling n pandang ke arah diorang. Si kakak macam tengah malu dengan soalan adiknye, but I'm not sure about that. Lift pon terbukak, n diorang masuk dgn basikal tu skali.

Ya Allah.

Tapi aku terpikir, katelah aku tak bercakap ngn talipon mase tu, n I'm able to say something to them, what should I say? What would I say?

1. "Ko tu pakai bikini elok sangat la hah!?" kasar. aku bukan mcm tu..

2. "O adik, pakai la tudung, tutup aurat. Pakai bikini berdosa dik.." [sangat lembut, tapi macam lemah.. xde unsur2 sarkastik, xbest]

3. senyap je sambil sengih2. [oh tidak. aku tak selemah itu!]

4. buat2 xdengar ape yg adik tu cakap. [tapi aku tak pekak!]

This is really a sensitive issue to me, and to us Muslim. Kalau bukan kerana ade panggilan tepon masa tu, memang aku dah kaunseling dah si kecik tu... aku cubit2 telinga die. [eh2 over plak...bukan aku x taw umah dia tgkat 10 tu... mak dia plak adalah perempuan yg aq citer in my previous post, yg marah2 pasal sinki tu. haha. garang! ]


Jadi ape tujuan aku cerita kat sini? tak lain tak bukan, nak mintak pendapat korang.... Apekah sepatutnye aku jawab kat budak kecik tu? Ataw pun kalau2 perkara mirip2 mcm ni berlaku dlm hidup kita lepas ni...

Kawan2 yang pernah ikut mane2 kursus perbandingan agama, silelah kongsi ilmu anda dgn sy di sini...

Budak kecit tu akan membesar. Mungkin membesar dengan mentaliti sekular itu. Bayangkan apa jadi bila dia bercampur dgn msyarakat di hari dewasanya kelak.... Mungkin akan menjadi racun yang membunuh saki-baki jiwa Muslim di akhir zaman ini.


Tapi aku tak la mendoakan mcm tu..

budak mate sepet kaget. @__@

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Most welcome

Wah, arini kami dapat jiran baru....setelah seminggu kesunyian dan kegersangan kat sini. To adik2 junior 3rd batch, welcome to Kolej Kediaman Pandan Mewah Heights, ...apartment yang dah 3thn kami duduki....n slmt kembali ke alam buku2 n kuliahs...


Pagi ni x mcm pg biase..agak riuh dgn suara2 asing -- adik2 mereka yg tolong angkatkan barang abang2 n kakak2 mereka.. diselang-seli dgn bunyi lift 'menjerit' "Teeetttttttt...." bile dah overloaded. Kang tengahari sikit ade la lift yg 'jam' skejap, sbb penat angkut brg2 berat.... mcm tu lah kebiasaan hari pertama masuk Ostel... huhu

Still a small matter anyway.

Daya Tahan

Pandan Mewh ni 'special' sket dr kolej2 yg laen kat Kampus Kotaraya ni, mcm Sri Pandan n Glenview, dua2 tu apartment baru, compared to PMH. Bangunan tua la senang cerita. 3 thn duk kat sini, kami dah 'masak' dgn keuzuran bangunan ni.

Tapi rumah kami cantek2 je, x de la rongak sane sini. Tp biase la, kadang2 tu agak mencabar daya tahan kami sbgi insan yg lemah.

Kenangan duk kat unit 6 dl sangat x boleh lupe. Until today, still terkenang2 lg saat Kinah n Aq dgn nekadnye mengangkut TV naik ke bilik dia. Soket elektrik kat bawah semua x boleh pakai, satu demi satu 'short'.. yg klakarnye, bile dah short tu, soket2 tu seolah2 'sedut' palam (ntah ape name sbnrnye aq pn xtaw) ataw kepala extension tu, hingga mustahil untuk kami cabut ia dari soket di dinding ruang tamu itu....maka tinggallah extension tu melekat hingga ke akhir hayatnya di situ haha. Ape punye kes ntah, aku x pernah jumpe kat tempat laen.

Bilik Kinah n Ruq (Master Bedroom) jadi ruang tamu, bilik aq plak jd bilik iron baju n masak air.. hingga soket utama bilik aq pun 'short' jua akhirnya. Tp kami smpat kesan symptom2 awal kejadian, so dapat la selamatkan extension tu dr melekat kat soket tu. Bertukar ke soket ke dua, yg terletak di blkg loker Siti. Dan Siti was in a high risk of getting burned by the iron n the water heater, sbb kedua2 alat tu terpaksa diletak kat tepi katil beliau...


Dapur paling mendukacitakan...even kami xde la menggunakan dapur tu sebagai tempat masak-memasak, tapi susah juga bila dapur tu gelap... 'Cik Li' dengan bahagianya berkeliaran di dapur baik siang atau pun malam.

Dan part paling menyedihkan tentang dapur, adalah sinki. Selama 2 thn lebih kami gunakan sinki tu dgn aman damai, tiba2 satu hari rumah kami diketuk. 'Eh, sejak bile pulak jiran kat sini suke datang ziarah?'

"Ye saya, ade ape makcik?"

"Ni, makcik dari rumah bawah ni, rumah anak makcik. Nak bgtaw anak2, air dapur kamu dah bocor ke rumah anak makcik, habis basah lencun tilam cucu makcik,"

[dlm hati aq: "So?"]

"Ohh....." tak taw nak jawab ape.

"Jadi mak cik mintak anak jangan bukak la paip sinki tu ye, dah banyak kali dah sbnrnye tukar tilam tu. Anak makcik xde kat rumah ni, tu yg makcik naik. Cube tgk ni, meh sini" makcik tu suruh aq keluar, tgk keadaan bilik cucu dia melalui koridor. Aq pun menurut je la, hormati warga emas. Tp mane nampak ape2.... huhuhu.

"Boleh ye, jangan gune lg sinki tu,"

"Oh, ye la. Maaf la makcik, kami xtahu menahu pulak."

"Eh xpe, makcik bukan nak marah, cume nak bgtaw je, sbb dah banyak kali dah ni"

Baiklah... sejak hari tu sinki tu mcm hidup segan, mati x mahu... Haha. And the consequences? Toilet bilik Ela n Ain (bilik 4) jadi mangse, tempat mencuci pinggan mangkuk. Ape boleh buat... Kesian mereka.

Selang beberapa hari, akak tuan rumah datang, marah2.. Tp mase tu Ela sorang je yg dgr bebelan beliau. Ela dgn slamber badaknye mengiyekan aje kate2 perempuan itu..

"Ni berapa kali nak ckp, dah sepuluh kali dah bgtaw jgn gune paip tu kan?! kotor rumah saya taw!...bla....bla...."


Hahaha. Jgn layan sgt org tgh angen, nnti makin buruk keadaan. Tapi kesian kami, xpasal2 kena marah dgn org luar. Bagi aku, masalahnye adalah paip kat rumah dia yg bocor. Repair lah bahagian anda sendiri, jangan salahkan org lain.

Air Terjun

Kalau hujan lebat, tengokla kat syiling atas pintu bilik No.2 (bilik aq)... dapat tgk air terjun niagara mengalir...pastu lecah kat pintu. Masuk bilik air, dongakkan kepala, fuh, cantiknye, ade flora dan fauna kat dinding... kehijauan alam. Semua tu sbb syiling bocor. As long it make no harm, xpelah, kami redhakan ajelah. Orang maintainance tu, sampai kucing bertanduk pun x kan datang2. (Tp skrg x mcm tu dah kot). Dan kami pun paham, bukan kecik punya hal nak repair tu sumer.

Kinah pun sampai terpaksa 'beku'kan toilet di biliknye, sebab x mau dinding bilik aq (sebelah bilik Kinah) berkulat, sebab paip air yg tertanam dalam dinding tu pun dah bocor.


Jangan ditanya soal adu-mengadu, dikhuatiri kami akan 'ter'burukkan nama sesetengah pihak. Tak mengapalah, semua tu cerita lama, and no one is perfect.

Ape pun, ALHAMDULILLAH kami dapat rumah yang jauh lebih baik sem ni.

And to all who are happen to read this post, jangan plak anggap ini satu rungutan. Demi Allah, Langsung tak berniat begitu... huhu. Cume nak coret sekelumit kenangan rumah lame... Hehe. Dan supaya sape2 yg anggap kita kat Kampus Kotaraya ni sangat hidup bahagia dan senang lenang di apartment tinggi2, sila lah terokai apa sbnrnye yg kami lalui selama ini.

Maklumkah, pelangi yang indah itu sentiasa dilihat berada di atas kepala orang lain, x pernah di atas kepala kita.

Cheers. budak mate sepet. (^__^)y

'wajib ade sorang satu'

"Betul ni ko xde pakwe?" soal sahabatku, Najwa Ramle sambil mengacukan garpu ke arah aku.
agak terkejut juge dengan kesangsian beliau... haha. 'kenapa ngn minah ni, nak cucuk mate aq pulak ke?' perbualan kami di restoran tengahari itu tiba2 bertukat ke 'serious mode'.

"betolla xde..." jawabku. "kan minggu lepas dah tanye..?"

"Tu la, kawan2 ofis aku tu, aku cakap aku xde pakwe, mati2 dorg x percaya.. Ingat aku ni ape.. zaman sekarang ni, seolah2 semua orang wajib kena ada sorang satu..." rungut beliau. Oh, rupanye itu ke perkara yang bersarang di kepalanye.. Aku ingatkan ape la tadi, nyaris2 ade bijik mate nak kena cucuk td..

"Haha...cakap je, 'ingat aku ni macam korg ke?' hahaha..." aku menjawab dgn nada gurauan.

"Hahaha. Hish.. tapi tu la, sekarang ni susah nak jumpa yang 'betul' sket, kalau jumpe pun, tgk2 upenye x solat..ataupun kadang2 solat, kadang x solat.. kebanyakannye macam tu la...."
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